Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Soooo much better...

So, I kept looking at my Falling Leaves socks and they just didn't look right. I kept going back to the chart, adjusting my tension, changing needles; but they still looked weird. I went blog hopping to see what everyone else's looked like, and sure enough, they didn't look like mine. Finally, totally frustrated, I reread the entire pattern out loud, word for word. What was I missing? One sentence: "Chart only shows odd numbered rows, k all stitches on even numbered rows, k all stitches for bottom of foot." Doh! So I frogged them back to the toe and started over. They look better now.

Then, there is this. I had been reading about it, but I had to try it myself to understand just how addicting stranded colorwork is! I have to be careful when I pick it up, because I almost can't put it down. (Notice the nifty true-color enlarged chart in the background. I made it in Excel.)

It hasn't been all knitting here though. The weather has been on the cold side for North Carolina but very sunny and clear, so I took the Lowas out for a little spin:

One of the best things about living in Raleigh is that I can be downtown in 15 minutes, or I can be here in 15 minutes:

And I have a great time in both places.

Maybe I should take my standed colorwork, hike down to the creek again, sit on this rock and knit.

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Knitting Bandit said...

Love your newly revised sock! I always read the pattern too fast and skip crucial info--I can relate to your fustration!