Saturday, February 23, 2008

Also Done!

Finished Project! Here is the lovely Aurora, modeling her completed Ice Queen. This was a very fun knit, and I am very happy with how it turned out. So, while visiting Boone, NC, I went to Laura’s Yarn-Tastic and bought yarn for Ice Queens for my other 2 daughters.
And some aptly-named Miss Babs Yummy SuperWash Sock and Baby Yarn in the Mallard colorway.
Then, before I could cast on for another Ice Queen I was distracted by all the lovely pictures of the Seraphina Shawl on Ravelry. Before I knew it this happened: I hadn’t crocheted in years, but it all came back to me as soon as I picked up a hook. This is James C. Brett “Marble” Acrylic DK weight yarn, color MT9 (variegated dark reds), picked for its smooshiness and machine washability. This is going to be the shawl I leave at work for those days when I just can’t get warm. And, at the pace I’m going I’ll be all done and ready to cast on another Ice Queen before the weekend is over.

Sunday, February 03, 2008


I'm getting in lots of pleasant knitting time these days because a friend of mine loaned me the entire Brother Cadfael series . Usually if I love the book I will hate the screen adaptation, but these are wonderful. Perfect sets, costumes, music, and casting. (Well... perfect casting for the most part. I loved Hugh in the first season; not so much the later Hugh.)

While watching Medieval intrigue, I finished Clapotis!
I had become a bit confused with the Ice Queen and put it aside for a while. I was afraid I'd make a mess of it in my frustration. But when I picked it back up I saw the problem right away, fixed it easily, and now it's going great. Hope I can finish it in time for Aurora to wear it this year.