Friday, December 28, 2007

Fashion Shoot at the Park

The Snowflake Sweater looks much better in action than it did lying on my bed. (Dale Baby Book102, pattern10208). It’s a little big, but he’s growing fast! First, there is the high-fashion shot:

Followed by the candid shot :

And, what the heck, let’s have an action shot:

Knitting from Stash : Beginners Luck

When I was looking for yarn for my mother’s Mountain Stream scarf, I wanted it to be really special, so I bought several different brands and colors of silk/mohair blends. Normally I’m a pick-the-pattern-then-buy-the-yarn person so I wasn’t sure how to find a use for the skeins I had left. One of them was KidSilk Haze in a lovely light blue. Then, before I even started looking for patterns, the winter Knitty was published. One look at the Ice Queen and my decision was made! Now that the Holidays are over I am ready to start.

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