Thursday, November 09, 2006

They've done it again!

Look what the lovely ladies of Knit Night at Cameron Village Library have done this time! This group meets once a month from February to November, to knit for charity. In November, everyone brings in the things they have made and they are divided and donated to three local charities. Last night after everything was organized, there were three heaping tables of beautiful hats, scarves, mittens, sweaters, and afghans. And this is on top of the Pink Shawls that were turned in for the special project in September. The talent, generosity and productivity of these ladies is astounding! And on top of all that, it is always a fun evening. We really do have chairs, but somehow a lot of us end up sitting on the stairs:

Here's Grace, our brave leader:

And here's Jessica (Hi Jessica!) modeling her creation: And if you click >>>HERE<<< you can see more of the fun.

I'm going to miss this group for the next few months. You can bet I'll be there in February!

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