Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I'm sewing as fast as I can!

The knitting part of the Rogue is done! I have sewn in the sleeves, but I still need to hem them; and hem around the hood, if I decide to do that. I really wanted to finish it up tonight, but I ran out of patience and was afraid I would mess it up if I continued on.

I actually wanted it done before today because it has been cool enough for Aurora to wear it; but also so that I could NaNoWrimo without guilt.

I love NaNoWrimo! I participated a couple of years ago and discovered that I'll probably never get rich publishing novels, but I surprised and entertained myself enough to want to try it again! So here I go... I'm getting a late start but maybe I'll make it up this weekend.

Goal for tomorrow: Post a picture of a finished Rogue and post a count of 2000 words.

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OOOOOOH! I love it!! Sue