Saturday, November 04, 2006

New Project!

No picture of the Rogue yet. To get my model to pose I may have to book her through an agent! High School Seniors are very busy people!

I wasn't going to start another major project during November, because I'm enjoying NaNoWrimo so much and I can only handle one obsession at a time. But this morning I drove Aurora to Chapel Hill to compete in the state Japan Bowl, an academic competition about Japanese culture and language. It was a lot of fun and very interesting. She was busy studying and competing all day, but I was mostly sitting around waiting and smiling foolishly at people who forgot they were speaking Japanese. So I cast on for my very first lace project:
I love it! And yes, now I'm dealing with 2 obsessions.
It's going to be the Mountain Stream Scarf from The Knitting Zone. I'm making with with Kid Seta in color 721. I thought it was dark red when I bought it, but it may be a little purple.

Oh... and the NaNoWrimo word count is 3,700. I'm catching up!

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