Sunday, October 22, 2006

Look Ma, No Arms!

If it had sleeves, the Rogue would be done! It's not really this color -- it's a darker, more leafy green.

It looks like I may have made some errors in the cables, but since it is going to be seen mostly on a moving teenager I'm not inclined to fix it.

This project has taught me a lot of things -- mostly that my tension sucks! It's just not consistant. It's not likely to improve at this point (I've been knitting about 40 years, I think) so maybe I should avoid large expanses of stockinet stitch from now on.

Don't get me wrong --even though it has that "homemade" look, I love it anyway, and I loved making it.

I think that I quilt for the end product, but I knit for the process.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

When Life Happens, Blogging Doesn't

It seems like I posted only yesterday, but I guess not! I've been busy with the Good (Aurora's Senior Portrait, and a new Terry Pratchett book ), the Bad (car and cellphone trouble) and the Ugly (trying to bring a project in under deadline at work).

BUT -- Aurora's pictures are going to be lovely, Mr.Pratchett has outdone himself once more, everything has been fixed, and we may make the deadline yet; so everything came out OK in the end.

In spite of everything, knitting continued! I'm on row 51 of the hood of the Rogue.

While I was in the mountains with WonderBoy, I took an afternoon to wonder into Asheville (what a fun place!) and indulged in a little stash enhancement:

I'm thinking of making this with the yarn. The fabric may end up in a quilt, or in something for Aurora to wear.

Also while in the mountains, I finished the socks at the top of the post. It's my first real pair of socks (not slippers, not Christmas stockings, not booties -- socks!) and I love them. I hope to wear them with my hiking boots this weekend.

I'm off to tackle row 52!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

WonderBaby, Indeed!

N is for Newborn!

WonderBaby arrived on Sunday, Sept 24 at 4:36 a.m. He is strong, healthy, and adorable. Mom and Dad are radiant and proud. I spent a wonderful week with them to welcome him home. Life doesn't get any better!

With his birth, he officially becomes WonderBoy; otherwise some day he'd have to tell me "Grandma, I'm not a baby!". Someday, of course, he will outgrow WonderBoy. Then I'll have to change it to the future slang equivalent of WonderDude.

(What's with all the funny names on this blog? Well, I have this teenage daughter, you see, and I've been lecturing her for years about not disclosing her identity online. Good advice for anyone, and practice what you preach!)