Tuesday, October 03, 2006

WonderBaby, Indeed!

N is for Newborn!

WonderBaby arrived on Sunday, Sept 24 at 4:36 a.m. He is strong, healthy, and adorable. Mom and Dad are radiant and proud. I spent a wonderful week with them to welcome him home. Life doesn't get any better!

With his birth, he officially becomes WonderBoy; otherwise some day he'd have to tell me "Grandma, I'm not a baby!". Someday, of course, he will outgrow WonderBoy. Then I'll have to change it to the future slang equivalent of WonderDude.

(What's with all the funny names on this blog? Well, I have this teenage daughter, you see, and I've been lecturing her for years about not disclosing her identity online. Good advice for anyone, and practice what you preach!)

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He is so beautiful!!! I want to be a grammy - Good luck to you and yours Sue