Saturday, March 31, 2007

Empty Nest

I don't get much computer time these days, but I'm not complaining. When Aurora goes off to college next fall, I'll have all I want and then some.

How do I feel about the impending empty nest? I'm very proud of her. I know she is ready to go build a life of her own and that she can be whatever she wants to be! And I won't have any trouble finding things to do with my time. I'm going to miss her , of course, (a lot!), but we're both gonna be just fine.

While not blogging lately, I have been knitting. I made a Helmet Liner for a friend of Aurora's who is in the National Guard, modeled here by a stuffed rabbit. (Battle Bunny? I know, that's just wrong, somehow.) Unfortunately it came out too big and I'm starting it over.

My Jaywalkers are done, ABK (All But the Kitchener) and I'm sure I'll take care of that this weekend.

I put aside my Dale of Norway sweater for a while in favor of more mindless knitting, and made two hat-and-scarf sets to be donated with the Cameron Village Library Knitters donation this fall. One set is garter stitch and one set is 1 by 1 ribbing. I used Lion Brand Homespun for this project. I like the way the finished project looks and feels, and I would certainly wear them. (I have a thing about not donating things to charity if I wouldn't wear them myself). However, I didn't enjoy knitting with this yarn. It's like..... fuzz wrapped in string. I tried several different needle types, but I was always catching my needle tips in a little bit of the fuzz or just the string. I used up all I had, and I don't plan to buy any more.

Then, because Mom came for another visit, I wanted a project without stitch counting so I could talk and knit at the same time. So I took an nice big ball of Bernat Handicrafter Cotton Ultrasoft, cast on for a diagonal dishcloth and just kept going. I finally started decreasing so I can tell you that in the end it will be about 37 inches square and will use up almost 2 12 oz skeins. So, I guess it's a baby blanket or a lap blanket.

Now that I've a nice stretch of mindless knitting, I'm read to take on Dale of Norway again!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Slow but Steady

I haven't blogged lately, mostly because my knitting doesn't change much from day to day.
I'm knitting away at my Dale of Norway baby sweater. The body is done and I'm ready to cast on for the sleeves.
Also, one of my Jaywalker socks is done and I'm almost to the heel of the second one. I won't bother with a picture -- everybody knows what Jaywalkers-in-progress look like!
In other knitting news, a couple of weeks ago I started teaching two of my co-workers to knit. They are both knitting like pros already! One is primarily a quilter (she makes wonderful things!) and will probably remain so, but I think the other has become a serious knitting recruit. She used to do beautiful cross stitch but mostly gave it up because of eyestrain. Knitting doesn't bother her eyes at all, and she's already made several very nice pot holders and dishcloths. The two of us are about to tackle Helmet Liners for the troops. The tribe increases!