Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Glad all that is over....

Boy was I sick. (Upper respiratory again. Took me out of work for a week. I'm knitting myself a new set of lungs. )

Then the computer system I'm responsible for was sick.

Then (this is the good part) my Mom came to visit and we had a baby shower.

Now I'm trying to get back into my routine.

In the midst of all that, some knitting did occur. I have almost-a-pair of socks.

And I'm on the home stretch of a baby hoodie made with two strands of a very festive and soft fingering-weight wool, from this pattern again (only I'm putting in buttonholes this time).

But mostly I've been quilting like a madwoman. I've finished the center and rounded the last corner on the outer border. That leaves the inner narrow border (the white part) and the binding. I'm doing this all by hand, and WonderBaby should be here within 6 every spare moment is spent stitching.

There. That's a quick summary what's been happening. Now maybe I can get back to regular posting.

P.S. I find it very amusing that blogger spellcheck recognizes "madman" but not "madwoman".

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So beautiful!! I love to quilt too - Is wonderbaby a girl or a boy? Let us know when the little one arrives! Sue