Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Current Events

Yay for the Hurricanes! Let me tell you, I got NO knitting done during that game! We've been partying for two days now... Anyone want to go for three?

It was sad that such worthy opponents as the Oilers had to loose...

Tonight was Kick Back and Recover night, so I did get a few rows in on my main current project, the Rogue, In Reynolds Signature Wool/acrylic blend:
The color in this picture isn't very accurate. It's a pretty kind of light olive; very Elvish. Very suitable for my youngest daughter, who would be right at home in Rivendell.

My current mindless-knitting project is Socks:

And here is a close-up of my nifty stitch-marker. I made my own, with split rings and charms from the local big-box craft store.

They look really suitable on the Rogue, somehow.

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