Monday, June 19, 2006

And this concludes our Historical presentation:

So, it was a couple of years ago when a visit to ThreadBear rekindled my knitting obsession. (And what better place to have it rekindled?!? ). My first major project was a Misti Alpaca hoodie with an asymmetrical zipper for daughter #3. (Picture coming soon.) This was followed by an onslaught of sweaters and scarves; but we were saved from being buried completely -- my oldest daughter called to say she was pregnant, just a week before the Olympics!

So, I give you my Knitting Olympics project; cast on during the opening ceremonies, seamed, ends woven in and buttons sewed on during the closing ceremonies:
It's made from Bamino Ull by Idena, the most wonderfully soft merino wool baby yarn I have ever encountered. The pattern is from Idena, too. It came from my most local YS, Great Yarns. I haven't managed to find it anywhere on the internet yet. (How odd). My only reservation about this yarn: How colorfast is it going to be? It turned my bamboo needles blue! (By the way, I consider this lovely shade of bright blue to be equally appropriate for a boy or a girl!)

Then, when she was 7 weeks along, my daughter sent the first picture of WonderBaby:

Seven Weeks?...

Maybe I'd better...
I couldn't find another color in Bamino Ull I liked, so I went to my other LYS, Shuttles Needles and Hooks
in Cary, NC and found some bright red Dale of Norway Baby Ull. Almost as yummy!

And this concludes our historical presentation... further blogging will be about current projects.

But right now, I have a hockey game to watch. WAHOO! Go 'Canes!

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