Saturday, July 01, 2006

Extreme Knitting

It's a been red-letter week for me -- I've been mountain biking twice! I hadn't been lately due to a respiratory infection (always bad for me because I have asthma). Thursday after work, feeling mostly recovered, I took to the trails once more.

I've discovered that you can combine knitting and mountain biking:

1. You can knit while you wait for everybody to show up.

2. You can knit while everyone else is attempting to master hazards you won't try because you have more sense than that. (Just watching can be fun, too, but it earns you the title of "Vulture".)

3. You can knit after you call 911 and you are waiting for help to arrive, as long as it wasn't you who went over the handlebars.

Fortunately I've never had the opportunity to try number 3.

I prevailed upon my friend Sam to take these pictures of me this morning, knitting a sock near the Hog Run trailhead. Looking at them, I realize I should've hung a "Wide Load" sign on my hiney before we rode. Oh well -- I'm not too concerned. The weight is coming off at the rate of a pound a week. In 6 months I'll have him take another one, and the difference should be evident!

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Yahoo! You go girl! Mountain biking and knitting at the same time - Great gads, girl! Knitting must burn some calories though?