Thursday, September 21, 2006

Jury Duty; Rogue and ReRogue

I got a summons for Jury duty today. Direct quote:
"Absolutely NO weapons (scissors, knives, Knitting Needles, etc.) ..."

There you have it. Knitting needles are officially weapons. And a weapon to be treated with respect and Capitalized, while those other lowly tools of destruction can start with lower case letters.

In other news, I have mentioned before that I was knitting the Rogue in Reynolds Signature Wool/acrylic blend for my daughter Aurora. I knitted it all the way to the neckline before we realized that we really just didn't like it! I'm sure Signature is a lovely yarn for some things , and I think that it would have made a much nicer fabric if I had used smaller needles. But I had to use large ones to get gauge; and I have a bit of a tension problem sometimes anyway, and it just looked kind of rough and messy. SO... I started it all over using Mission Falls 1824 wool in color 28; a nice leafy green. I like the knitted fabric much better and Aurora likes the leafy green better than the light olive we were using before. I'm almost up to the neckline again with the goal of getting in done by the time heavy sweater weather arrives. (Usually sometime in October, here in North Carolina). ReRogue:

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What a gorgeous color!! Can't wait to see it finished - Make sure to post it. Sue